10 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android Undetectable (2021)

Android is amongst the leading mobile OS with about 81% of market share. A lot of people like Android better over iOS due to its affordability and flexibility.

Nowadays, because of its affordability, a lot of kids and employees have their own smartphones. They use their devices in performing different operations, including Facebook gaming, WhatsApp, and much other stuff.

With the advancement of technology, developers have developed a lot of free spy apps for Android undetectable. If you are a parent or an employer, you may use such a spy app for Android undetectable to monitor their smartphone use.


Every day, a lot of people look for spy apps. Nonetheless, not each search gives the best result. In fact, most people end up browsing scam websites, where they’re led to numerous surveys and human verification processes that ask them in trying out some applications.

It goes without saying that it is important to know what the best free hidden spy apps for Android are. To assist you, in this post, below is a list of the 10 best hidden spy applications for Android undetectable.

All of these applications don’t just work, yet they also are the best ones on the market. You’ll be surprised what wonders they can do for you! So without further ado, let’s get started!

The need for spy apps

Someone’s smartphone holds necessary information that might be related to the owner of the device, or anybody else. Therefore, it goes without saying that media data is perhaps covered in it.


But is there really a need to use hidden spy app without target phone? Well, below are two of the main categories of people who the process of spying might be done legally.


Being an employer, you might be scared of fraud and cybercrimes to happen in your company. When fraud or crime is linked to money, your life will be impacted immensely.

Further, if someone thinks that your company is a great target, there is a chance that your data will be stolen.

Since employees handle various necessary information about the company, they might possibly cheat anytime. In this case, you can use spy applications that will run in their devices silently.



Sometimes, children refuse to listen to their parents, thinking that they already know everything about the world. They tend to talk to strangers online, even though they don’t know whether these persons are good or bad.

Of course, as a parent, it is an instinct for you to act upon it. If you gave your children a smartphone in their younger years, this might be a concern.

You can always track your children’s smartphone activity with these spy applications, without them knowing about it. You don’t want them to get bullied or harmed – take precautionary methods that will save them a big deal.


Best spy app for android undetectable

Here are the best spy apps undetectable for Android:


NEXSPY is one of the best Android spy apps to use in monitoring your children or employees. It is also one of the most reliable monitoring apps there is in the market – truly worth your try.

This app allows you to track someone’s GPS locations, SMS messages, read emails, monitor phone calls, as well as some other smartphone application usage. What’s more, NEXSPY is also compatible with all smartphones & smartphone operating systems.


Various users have evaluated as well that its effectiveness and functionality are the best that you can have. It is ideal for parents or employers in monitoring their children’s or employees’ smartphones without their knowledge of it.

Furthermore, NEXSPY has now also become one of the most accredited monitoring applications in the spy application industry. It has a lot of good reviews and provides a very reliable technical support that is available 24/7.


  • You can access the different social media apps of the target.
  • The spy app may provide keyboard strokes & activity data.
  • The app goes undetectable as it works silently on the background.
  • It is compatible with most of the famous operating systems.


  • There is no ambient recording & call recording.
  • There is no secret camera activation.
  • You might need to have the phone with you physically to install the app.

Compatible OS

  • Available for Android & iOS devices.

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This is yet another leading monitoring application that you can use to read text messages from another phone without them knowing. It is a free spy app for Android, which boasts a lot of amazing features.


All of these features are so easy and effective to use. Furthermore, it also contains different professional features, which are so easy to utilize. Anyone who has a basic knowledge about computers may use this tool on their advantage.

It sure is an amazing tool that you can use to know if someone is doing something wrong with the different applications on their phone.


  • Undetectable – it is coded with a special algorithm, which makes sit untraceable. It also works silently in the background.
  • Unlike other spy tools, the FoneMonitor has no jailbreak or root permission.
  • You can spy on the target’s WhatsApp and read their messages. It will show you the text messages and will include the attached media files.

Compatible OS

  • Completely compatible with iOS and Android devices.


This undetectable monitoring app for Android is essential for parents and employees in monitoring their children and employees. It’s one of the top monitoring applications available on the web.


Mainly, it is designed to work as a silent application, hence the target cannot detect it running on the background.

It also has numerous innovative features that allow monitoring on social media applications & messages like WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp, and Line, among others.


  • Undetectable, as it runs silently on the background
  • Easy remote access
  • Simple design
  • It can handle more than one device at a time


  • Its operating system compatibility is only limited to Android

Compatible OS

  • Android OS only


mSpy is a widely available monitoring application online. Just like the first one, it makes monitoring as a parent or an employer so much easier. It has a lot of special features that make it better than any other iPhone spy apps.


It has so many features, including easy access to messages, call logs, location, and some other things. Furthermore, it is also available for all leading operating systems like Mac OS, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

The spying process with the mSpy monitoring app is entirely untraceable. The app works on the background system of the record activities and monitored device.


  • One may access contacts of the target easily by just clicking on contacts on the mSpy web client.
  • The mSpy monitoring tool also features keylogger features. This feature is especially utilized to know what the target person is typing on their device.
  • It’s so easy to view messages of the target’s social media app. It’s compatible with each leading message apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp among others.


  • Features such as call recording, secret camera activation, and ambient recording aren’t available.

Compatible OS

  • Compatible with operating systems like Mac OS, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.


If you’re looking for a monitoring app that has so many amazing features, then this is the one to choose. Hoverwatch is actually an Android-based app that specializes as a parental monitoring and control app.


Here, the parents and employers that are a part of multiple organizations might watch every move of their children and employees. Furthermore, Hoverwatch may also enable you in viewing messages, e-mails, call logs, as well as some other phone activities.

It also works in silent from the basic innovative smartphone operating system. What’s more, this application also has a screenshot feature, in order to gain precise info, with complete contexts and time stamps.


  • It can access WeChat, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and some other social media applications.
  • One may also take a screenshot at any given time without the target getting notified.
  • It’s so easy to access or view web browsing history. It is also supported by leading web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


  • Its location tracking feature isn’t that accurate compared to some other spying tools.
  • You will need to access the target device physically to install the monitoring app.

Compatible OS

  • Completely compatible with Android devices.


TheTruthSpy is a reliable monitoring application that is so simple to use, effective, and so accurate. Aside from having a lot of astounding features, it is also great in supporting detectability.


Basically, it works by installing a bot on the target device – the bot itself is undetectable and is hidden to avoid harm and is silent on the phone’s performance.

It’s also an astounding application if you want to know what your employees or children are doing on their smartphones.


  • With the app, live location tracking is so easy.
  • It’s a great tool to spy on text messages & media files on the WhatsApp application.
  • You can connect multiple devices all at the same time.
  • It has an all-access dashboard.
  • Easy to use, simple and good looking interface.


  • The tools are so hard to understand for a layman.

Compatible OS

  • It is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Aispyer is a monitoring application developed mainly for employers and parents who have concerns regarding their employees or children’s online activities.

This application is important in protecting them from different damaging content. Furthermore, this app also boasts amazing surveillance features and functionalities.


It is so strong that they might record or monitor calls, and even create logs on the target device. With it, you might also be able to access the contact lists, access text messages, track GPS location, as well as some other features.

Apart from that, it also has strong administrative functionalities that enable and allow the administrator (you) to restrict the employee’s and/or children’s screen time, as well as limit the internet usage and access of the net.


  • Real-time location tracking is possible with Aispyer.
  • You can access call logs of the target device easily, without the target owner knowing.
  • You can create a log and manage records from the target device.
  • Multilingual interface for easy understanding of the app’s functionality.


  • Not all of its features are available on the free-trial version.

Compatible OS

  • It’s completely compatible with the Android operating system.


This particular monitoring app is so unique. It works on the background of the target device, hence it will be difficult for the target to know if he/she is being tracked. Further, it also enables you to look at the target’s activities on a day-to-day basis.


This may include their social media activities, multimedia files, phone calls, phone messages, and even listen and record live calls, read emails, track location, use camera remotely, and many more. It is a good monitoring application that has all your basic needs on track.


  • It promises complete secrecy and privacy of its user.
  • It has a lot of amazing features, including hack an iPhone and exploit devices, multiple device hacking, etc.
  • You can check social media messaging apps of the target device using it.
  • Only a few tools have a wipe tool – including the AppMia. You may use this feature in deleting all the data placed on the target device remotely.


  • Its dashboard is not as interactive as other spy applications.
  • Without rooting a phone, only a few features are available and functional.
  • There is no blocking feature that comes with it.

Compatible OS

  • Available for all operating systems.


If you are suspicious of someone you think is trying to violate your privacy and privilege of browsing the web, sending text messages, and calling, then PhoneSheriff might be a great undetectable spy app for you to use.


With this application, you have the power to block and restrict access effortlessly, especially with improper content. This is important in tracking children’s or employees’ phone activities, their call history, pictures, and other media included.

It also features anti-abduction mode and can create a statistical view of the phone. Not just that, it is also compatible with various TV stations, iOS devices, and Android devices.


  • You can remotely restore the target device to its factory setting.
  • You can manage multiple devices all at once and in a remote manner.
  • Stays untraced as a parental application.


  • The target device should have an enabled GPS location, in order to track location.
  • The app cannot track the location of some phones.

Compatible OS

  • It is compatible with Android OS and iOS.


This is often touted as the next-generation undetected monitoring application for Android. It is actually beneficial in keeping an eye on children and employees.

If you use this tool, you might be able to view each outgoing, incoming, and even the missed calls on the target device. You just need to input the information regarding the device to start the process of spying.


It will not take too long just to set the application up. You just need to enter the login credentials on the target device. You don’t need to have the target device with you personally.

You may also access any sort of information effortlessly from an extensive range of options, which are available from the app’s interface.


  • You can hack social media messaging apps with this monitoring undetected app.
  • It has a wipe tool, which is essential in deleting all data on the target device remotely.
  • You can handle multiple devices at one time.
  • View complete information about the device, as well as its activities.
  • Take regular notices about browser history.


  • It does not support iOS & Windows operating system.

Compatible OS

  • It is only compatible with the Android operating system.

Final say

All of the abovementioned hidden spy apps for Android undetectable are all the best. All of them offer amazing features, which are all beneficial in your monitoring, of course, with a practical cost.

They also offer free trial periods, wherein you can get to try their services free of charge. Moreover, all of them are also great for your money’s value.

They have positive reviews coming from different users who have already tried them. What’s more, their customer service support is all on-point and is open 24/7, as well.

Again, there are so many spy apps available online, but not all of them are credible and reliable –pick one from above, then you will not regret purchasing them.

Above all, bear in mind that it is never legal to spy on someone’s device. Regardless of your reason on why you want to use a spy app, you should be careful of your monitoring.

We don’t encourage any sort of illegal hacking activity – we suggest you just use any of the aforementioned tracking apps for children or employee monitoring only. Have legal and happy monitoring!


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