NEXSPY Review 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a working parent or an employer? Do you feel the urge to know what’s really happening under your nose? Did you know there’s an app to do the goofiest stalking with a positive ulterior motive? Well, with the NEXSPY app you can fulfill your deepest monitoring desires just right! 


But before things get any more serious, we are here with the latest and most reliable NEXSPY reviews! So, you honestly know what you’re really getting your hands involved in. And that too, in the most crystal clear manner.

Let’s dive in!

What is NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is one of the best spy apps for Android & iOs on the market. The pioneer monitoring app is accessible by both android and iPhone users. Parents, employers, and business owners can use the NEXSPY app for keeping their children as well as the workplace safe. Monitoring employees through the app will immensely improve their productivity and lead to safer corporate asset protection. Moreover, the NEXSPY app also consists of some unique and mind-blowing monitoring features that aren’t really accessible to other spying apps


How does NEXSPY work?

Using the NEXSPY app is pretty simple. Once you have completed the NEXSPY app installation process, then there isn’t much work left to be done. The famous parenting and business monitory app runs seamlessly in the background itself. It continuously gathers all the information you need 24/7. Be it call logs, spy on text messages, or location insights, the app transfers it all to the NEXSPY Cloud Portal. The daily app users can then access all the information they need to know of anywhere and anytime. 

NEXSPY Compatibility

The famous and trending monitoring app makes the perfect choice for individuals and businesses who have Android and iOS software-compatible devices. Android and iPhone users can easily scroll through the tremendous monitoring app with one pre-requisite: A good internet connection. NEXSPY Cloud Portal can only update all the captured data using regular mobile data and a WIFI internet connection.


As per the latest Compatibility Policy of NEXSPY, the following are the specific requirements for iOS and Android users:

iOS Device Users:

  • The Target iPhone Must Have An iOS 7-14 At Least
  • The Target iPhone Should Have Good Internet Connection
  • The Target iPhone Should Be Jailbroken
  • Necessary Physical Access to the Target iPhone For Initial Installation

Android Device Users:

  • Target Android Phone Should Have Good Internet Connection
  • Target Android Phone Should Have 4+ Android Running
  • Necessary Physical Access to the Target Android Phone For Initial Installation
  • Target Android Phone Rooting Not Necessary for Monitoring: Whatsapp, Viber, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, etc.

What monitoring features does NEXSPY have?

When you choose NEXSPY, you get access to literally anything and everything on your child or employee’s phone. From call logs to text messages from Whatsapp and Facebook, the monitoring app’s radius is quite large. Here are the most prominent features that you should know about the NEXSPY app:

Monitor Phone Calls: Knowing who your child or employee has conversations with over a phone call should be prioritized. With the NEXSPY app, users can easily track all outgoing as well as incoming calls. The app also provides missed calls and deleted calls from the call log history. Be it contacts, caller ID alerts, call logs, or VoIP call logs, NEXSPY tracks them all.


Read Text Messages: Almost everyone uses text messages to converse these days. However, knowing who your children’s text message is can play a major role in helping you be a better and aware parent. Companies can also use this helpful monitoring app. They can use it to know if their employees use the company phones for text messaging or for work or for another purpose. Be it SMS, iMessage, or MMS, NEXSPY can help read text messages from another phone without them knowing.

View Messaging Apps: Most people use messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook for socializing. These apps are extremely popular amongst today’s youth especially children. But as a parent, most of you would want to know what do they really do at these socializing apps. Are they using them in the right way? Or are these apps polluting their mind? The NEXSPY app is a great solution in this case. From photos to specific message phrases, NEXSPY makes the best choice to help 21st-century parents stay aware 24/7.

Track GPS Location: NEXSPY provides its app users with a real-time GPS feature for tracking their target phone users. The app includes exact coordinates of your child or employee’s location. From geo-fencing to location history, the app has top-notch GPS locations for the smartest parents and employees. 


Record Key Logs: Parents and employees can also save their kids and employees from getting involved in dangerous interactions. Save them from potential interactions by getting notified through the NEXSPY app. From keeping note of their latest keyboard activity to seeing what they have typed on other messaging apps, can use NEXSPY’s keylogging features for a safe and secure monitoring experience.

View Email, Notes, and Calendar: Emails, notes, and calendars in the target phone can reveal a lot about them. Both parents and employers can use NEXSPY viewing features to catch hold of useful information in the target phone. From providing insights into the email inbox and outbox to accessing apps such as Gmail, there is a lot that can be done with the NEXSPY monitoring app.

Monitor Internet Activity: Monitoring internet activity should also be prioritized in this age of the internet. Kids might use or misuse the internet for buying unsafe products or accessing inappropriate content. Company employees can also misuse the company information or access unsafe websites. This might need to loss of data. However, the NEXSPY app is also helpful in this case. They provide details about the browsing history as well as website bookmarks from the target phone for a convenient monitoring experience. 


Control Apps and Programs: NEXSPY also has a mind-blowing feature that lets the app users know which apps and program the target phone users to use often. For instance, a parent can make out whether her daughter uses a dating or education app more often. From installed applications to application activity to even app screenshots, NEXSPY has a lot in store for the primary app users. 

Use Multimedia Files: NEXSPY also provides the primary users access to the target phone users’ gallery pictures and videos from even before the app was installed. They can also view all the media files to stay conscious about their child’s or employee’s activities all day in and out.

View Additional Smartphone System Information: The app gives the primary users great advantages. One of them being the permission to access additional system information such as battery status, SIM change alerts, and network connection status of the target phone. Such battery and connection insights are extremely helpful to keep track of the kid’s safety whenever they are away from home.

Stay Completely Hidden: Using NEXSPY won’t ever put their users into a fix. The app provides a stealth mode, hide root, and hide jailbreak features for a seamless and silent monitoring experience running in the background. You can compare its operation to that of a ghost, the one that vanishes as soon as it is installed.


Easy Installation: Installing the NEXSPY app is pretty simple. Follow the below-mentioned steps for a hassle-free installation experience. 

Secure Encryption: NEXSPY is one monitoring app that is well-known amongst the audience for delivering a secure monitoring experience. Most NEXSPY reviews claim that all the data that is available in NEXSPY is securely encrypted.

Remote Command: All the controlling aspects carried out on the target phone can be remotely controlled by the primary NEXSPY app user anytime anywhere. The NEXSPY Cloud Portal plays a major role in helping you access all the app features best. 


How do I install NEXSPY?

Installing the NEXSPY app on your kid’s device is one of the easiest things to do. Follow the below-mentioned steps for a hassle-free NEXSPY app installation experience as per the most reliable and latest NEXSPY reviews:

Step 1-Get A License: Go nexspy .com, choose a subscription plan and a payment method that suits you best. Make sure to use your valid email address to be able to receive your account information. The license details will be directly delivered to the mentioned email inbox in a matter of minutes.

Step 2-Install the NEXSPY app: Follow the instructions to download and install the NEXSPY monitoring app on the target device. Simply log in to your NEXSPY app and follow the clearly stated step-by-step instructions to install it on your target device.

Step 3-View the Data: Finish the setup and log in to your NEXSPY account to start monitoring. Access the NEXSPY Cloud Portal to seamlessly view all the captured data from the target device on your device.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

How much does NEXSPY cost?

The cost of using the top-notch parenting and business monitoring app depends on the NEXSPY plan you subscribe to. As per some credible NEXSPY reviews, there are three popular NEXSPY subscription plans for regular app users. The famous NEXSPY subscription plans and their costing is as follows:

  • 1 Month Subscription Plan: The monthly NEXSPY subscription plan costs USD $39. The subscription plan is also billed once every month.
  • 3 Months Subscription Plan: The 3-month NEXSPY subscription plan costs USD $29 per month. The bill for this particular subscription plan is billed for USD $87, once every three months.
  • 1 Year Subscription Plan: The yearly NEXSPY subscription plan costs USD $19 per month. A USD $228 is billed once every twelve months. 

Free Trial: NEXSPY also provides its prospective app users with a 3-day trial for just 0.99 USD. This has been framed for users to help them experience all the elite NEXSPY features and decide more clearly. Users can then, decide to keep or cancel the subscription. And can expect a full refund, no questions asked. 


All NEXSPY premium plans include the following features:

  • Full and Complete Access to All Monitoring Features
  • Available on both iOS and Android Software Devices
  • 5-minute Guide on Easy Installation Process
  • 24/7 Customer Support

NEXSPY Pros and Cons


Affordable Price: All the NEXSPY subscription plans are quite affordable and useful. The duration of the subscription plan incredibly lowers the price. The higher the plan subscription duration, the lower the package price.

Easy Installation: Installing NEXSPY is one of the easiest things to do. You need access to both primary and target phones for initial installation.

Powerful Features: NEXSPY app has some incredibly powerful and mind-blowing monitoring features. Once a parent or business owner gets used to the NEXSPY app then there is no going back. All the features work extremely well and without any annoying bugs. This really adds to the user’s appeal as per all the latest NEXSPY reviews by active users. 

3-Day Free Trial: The NEXSPY 3-day trial is great for those parents and employers who have never really used a monitoring app before. The 3-day trial is the best way to get used to app features and benefits before making the final purchase decision



iPhone Must Be Jailbroken: This iPhone spy app always works on those iPhone devices that have been jailbroken. This step ensures that the app features are easily accessible and work without any unnecessary app permissions.

Is NEXSPY legitimate?

You can easily find several monitoring apps online. But most of these spying apps are unworthy and have a lot of bugs. However, we believe NEXSPY is one of the most reliable parental and business spying apps. Most of the NEXSPY reviews provide detailed insights about everything NEXSPY has to offer its app users. 

You can legally monitor two categories of mobile phone users:

  • Your Children Under 18 Years Of Age
  • Your Employee Using Company-Owned Devices

Final Words: Why You Need to Use NEXSPY

From protecting your children to protecting your business, the NEXSPY app consists of some mind-blowing features that work incredibly well on all devices. It is one of the easiest and surely the best monitoring app. The secure and reliable monitoring app is 100% undetectable and available at the most affordable price. 

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We definitely recommend you to get the NEXSPY app license to fulfill your innermost monitoring desires today!


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