The Best Parental Control Software For Free By Symantec

Users of Windows and OS X have found it easy to get themselves a parental control software, but Android users have struggled with the choices, which are not very high in number and are not up to the mark when it comes to the quality.

This lack of options has led parents to opt for third-party solutions which have served them with nothing but disappointment and dissatisfaction. Owing to this, keeping a tab on their kids’ strolls on the internet has proved to be impossible let alone finding the best parental control software.

Why Is Parental Control Software Necessary?

The internet has pervaded every aspect of our lives and changed the lives of kids and teenagers. They are now exposed to content which isn’t suited to their age and level of intellect. It is in the best interest of the young ones that their parents should keep an eye out for anything fishy happening in their lives that can eventually end up harming them.

Cyberbullying is one major threat to kids on the internet. Sexual offenders run rampant on the web, utilizing the anonymity provided by the platform and go about their nefarious purposes with ease. Kids find it difficult to cope with it and are too afraid to share it with their guardians.

Computer generated image of a parental control alert. Concept for internet parental control.

Kids are exposed to age explicit content on the web, they view stuff they fail to comprehend or understand properly as they end up in a spot they should not be in. Hence, having the best parental control software works as much-needed surveillance for the parents to have on their kids.

Apart from these, kids lack the understanding of what to share on the internet and what not to. Owing primarily to peer pressure among a variety of reasons, they fall victim to vicious trolls and bullies on social media platforms. Naturally, they aren’t mature enough to handle the humiliation and bullying nor are they comfortable enough to let their loved ones know about it.

The internet is like an island on which kids are often found to be lost on, parental control software works as a tracking device for their parents to ensure that they don’t end up completely clueless and cornered owing to the threats they are exposed to on the platform.

How Do They Work?

With the best parental control software, parents can keep a tab on what their kids are watching on the web. What websites they are visiting, what do they search, and people they interact with among other things.

Parents can block websites they find unfit for their kids, take action in case of any ill-intentioned trolling they might be facing on the platform. The surveillance is also balanced enough and does not let the kids feel as if they are being dictated on everything they should or shouldn’t do.

Parents can also protect their kids from age explicit content by filtering their feeds and search results without the kids getting to know about it. Parents always worried about what their kids are getting exposed to find the perfect solution with the best parental control software.

Symantec Provides The Best Parental Control Software For Free

The comprehensive solution for parental control software when it comes to Android users, the Norton Safety Minder by Symantec is the only application one needs to keep a tab on their kids and be aware of what they’ve been up to on the web lately. Iphone parental controls

The application runs smoothly with a tremendously user-friendly interface suited to parents who aren’t as tech savvy as their kids. It works efficiently and provides parents with an option they’ve been waiting on for quite a while.

Apart from its efficiency and user-friendly nature, the application is a must-use because the basic features on the application are absolutely free to use despite being the perfect alternative to best parental control software.

What Features Does It Offer?

  • Parents can keep a check on who their kids are interacting with on social media platforms and take required action in case they find anything wrong with the person’s intentions. It isn’t a desirable step to take and might be against the principles of liberal parenting but in today’s time, kids face multiple threats from the virtual world and keeping a tab is necessary.
  • There are a lot of websites which are readily available to kids on the internet. Some of these websites are way beyond the understanding of kids and they aren’t supposed to visit them. Unfortunately, all these websites have as a warning is a question which kids ignore in the haste of tasting the forbidden fruit. With the Norton Safety Minder, parents can block websites which they deem unfit for their kids.
  • In case you do not want to portray yourself as a terribly conservative parent, the application also allows parents to manually filter out contacts you don’t want your kids to interact with and your kids won’t be able to contact them from then on.
  • Subscribing to the premier family account of the application allows parents access to a host of other services. They can monitor SMS/MMS records to check the contacts your child is interacting with.

All of these services coupled with the user-friendly nature makes it the perfect Android alternative to the best parental control software.

Keep A Balanced Check On Your Kids’ Activities On The Web

While keeping a tab on your kids’ activities on the internet, one should avoid coming off like a creepy parent. Norton Safety Minder by Symantec provides you with just that and much more. The basic features are absolutely free of cost which allows parents to give the application a free test before they trust it for monitoring and securing their kids on the internet.

The application is the go-to parenting software for Android devices. It renders other parental control software redundant owing to its efficiency and user-friendly interface. The in-app purchases make the application more suited to parents’ needs and assist them perfectly in their pursuit of keeping a check on their kids’ activities and makes it the best parental control software available for Android users.