The Best Ways to Spy on iPhone in 2021

In this article, we will learn how to spy on another iPhone. When you have to spy on any devices operated with iOS, something that troubles us. The most troubling is that we are unable to set up any application from unknown resources. An application which is not favored by Apple,  will not be allowed to install that application unless you jailbreak it.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software?

Probably, barely any iPhone user will agree to jailbreak his/her device. But, I can provide some valuable knowledge to spy on Phone without installing software. So that you can get the advantage for a worthy motive. Spying on someone is not a bad thing at all if it is done within a limitation.

It can be done for several decent purposes such as a parent can spy on their kids for their wellness. Also, a boss can spy on their workers to prepare them more efficient, and so on.


There is another possible way to get the thing done without doing anything by yourself, that is to hire a detective and it may cost you a lot. But, all of the victims are likely to use smartphones to connect with anyone. You can spy on their text messages, phone call history, contact list, and other social network activities.

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Not only these, but you will also be able to spy on every activity that is done on the device. The thing is that you have to do iPhone spy without access to the target phone

How to spy on iPhone without Apple ID?

This article is specially written for those who want to spy on another iPhone for a decent purpose. How is this possible? Let’s know about it.


Presently, the technology has improved so much that it turns most of our dreams into a reality. Yes, you can invade on any other iPhone from your place. You might be guessing that it’s crazy but believe me. it’s not problematic stuff to perform.

When you have any suspect on someone’s activity and want to spy on their devices, there are several ways to obtain the desired result.

Spy app that offer iPhone spying without installation


In my opinion, the NEXSPY app is the best software for this purpose. It provides you plenty of options to check every activity of the targeted iPhone. You need to have the iPhone of the selected individual for a couple of minutes to perform the task.


Features of NEXSPY app

Let me tell you about some of the extraordinary features that the NEXSPY app is providing their customers.

This application enables their users to check the activity of the targeted device on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, and Snapchat, etc.which are installed on the phone, NEXSPY maybe one among those apps which cover so many applications to spy on.

Through this app, you will be able to see every multimedia files like videos, music, and photos available on the selected phone.

Most of the spy app has GPS tracking facility, but when it comes about NEXSPY, it offers you an advanced technology which allows you to track the selected individual wherever he/she is moving to, and it also sends you a notification alert whenever the target enters or evacuates a specific region.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

If you seem any problem for your target if he/she put a call of anyone you don’t like, this app offers you to block or avoid their calls.

The most profitable characteristic of this application is you can block any sites that you don’t want your target to visit.

When you use this application, you have the power to lock or even erase all the data of the selected device in a single click, whenever you want.

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How can you spy on iPhone without jailbreak?

You may have seen that most of the mobile spy apps need a jailbroken iPhone to perform their task. But, the NEXSPY app makes itself an iPhone spy app no jailbreak.


Also, this application lets you have access to the selected device to spy on it. Although spying an iPhone without a jailbreak has some limitations, if you have access to the targeted device, then the NEXSPY app will do the rest.

How to spy on another iPhone with NEXSPY app?

As we got to know about the basics and some essential features of this app. Now, it’s the perfect time to tell about how to perform this task by using this app.

At first, if you want to use the best spy app for iPhone with no jailbreak, then turn on the iCloud backup function. After doing this step, you will get to see a Backup now option, appearing on the right side. Tap on that option, and you will see a window.


Which shows that the backup process has started, an estimated time will be appearing to completely backup the phone. When the backup process finishes, you will get to see an option below.

One thing you have to keep in mind if you don’t want to enable the backup function in iCloud for any purposes then you need the physical access to the device you wish to detect.

In this way, your iCloud backup is finished. Now all you need to follow the required steps to use this application for spying purposes.


Altogether, we got the conclusion that if you want to spy on somebody’s phone to know about their location, whether they are at a safe place or not, then the free application will get the job done for you.

And if you have to read text messages from another phone without them knowing, spying on someone’s call details, activities on social media platforms then NEXSPY is there to help you out. Honestly, I would like to say that the NEXSPY app is the perfect selection for spying genuinely on another iPhone.

Yes, to use this application, you have to put something from your pocket to get the desired outcomes. You can search online or may have a look at some studies, which considers NEXSPY as the best application for spying on an iPhone.

I hope you all got some relevant information from this article. Thank you.


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